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In the exploding world of IoT, it can be challenging to navigate through all of the buzzwords, acronyms, and platform options to understand the major impact IoT devices will have in the future. We get asked all of the time, "What capabilities should we be looking for in an IoT data platform as we comb through all of the options out there?" Here are the five capabilities you should look for in an IoT data platform, to build anything from smart home automation systems to large scale industrial IoT.


We help other companies make use of all the benefits that IoT brings through digitalisation


We take care of the biggest threats to connected devices and systems, preventing hacker attacks


Our solution has been built over years, based on Linux core and open source. Our solution is also open to connect to any other companies' system in the market – old and new


We keep all systems continously updated, all the way out to every single node, which guarantees functionality in the system and makes it future ready


Even if we right now have most of our business within real estate and buildings with some industrial applications as well, there are no limitations when it comes to other markets or opportunities

Our Product & Solutions

Our services support development of connected devices and platforms that enable remote monitoring and management of devices. Applications include preventive maintenance, remote software upgrades, consumable replenishments, predictive analytics and connected care.


Smart Energy & Utilities

Address the challenge of modernizing the electric grid with the Xlit IoT architecture methodology, evolving monitoring and analytics for solar energy and other solutions.


Smart Buildings

IoT is advancing a new breed of smart buildings with remote monitoring and energy analytics that can lead to substantial savings


Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0

Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0 is at its peak. Every industry in the market is evolving into a smart factory/industry


Smart Security & Surveillance

The security and surveillance industry is changing, and solutions have moved far past basic alarm monitoring.


Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring involves measuring variations in indicators such as vibration, temperature, current, flow levels, pressure, etc.


IoT Platform

We reduce the complexity of connecting 'things to apps' with a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing and analysing critical device data.

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